It is not unusual these days for a considerable lot of us to live rather inactive ways of life. This is for the most part because of the innovation and our sedentary lifestyle. We wake up, sit for our breakfast, drive to our office, sit at work, drive home again and afterward spend our night watching TV in our easy chair, unwinding after our difficult day.

The issue is that the human body is basically intended to be physically active for 12 to 14 hours of the day. It is this decrease in movement that has been connected to most of the basic maladies that we face, for example, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, overweight, and many other diseases. This is the reason working normal exercise into our way of life is so critical, on the grounds that keeping our bodies moving won’t just help counteract disease, it will likewise help keep us self-sufficient in our golden years.

It doesn’t make any difference if you are male or female, or whether you think of yourself as young or old, the reality is that keeping active is essential to our wellbeing. However not all exercises are perfect for everybody and there are a few practices that turn out to be less productive, or even unfavorable, as we enter middle age.

It is a sad unavoidable truth that as we age our bodies gradually begin to decrease in condition. We simply do not form and repair our cells and body tissue at the rate we once did. Our muscles start to weaken all the more quickly from neglect, our bones begin to lose their thickness and our joints begin to be more delicate and inclined to harm. It is not necessarily the case that we should stop working out, though, since proper exercise is precisely what we require to help battle the aging process.

Exercises You Need To Avoid After 40

However, we should avoid some exercises as we become 40.

Behind the head pull-downs/pull-ups:

These exercises put too much weight on the shoulders and neck zone, which can cause harm particularly in women over 40.

Plyometric Training:

These dangerous vitality exercises, for example, box bounces, put an enormous amount of weight and stress on the joints and tendons, so unless your body has been adapted to this sort of exercise, you are better off avoiding them. Step ups and jumps work comparable muscles without the strain of bouncing.

Excessive weights:

Unless you are an accomplished weight lifter, or muscle head, avoiding excessive weights is imperative. You can gain the same amount of definition by utilizing lighter weights and doing more reps.

Leg Extensions Machine:

Knees are something that frequently start to debilitate in middle age, and leg extension exercises put a lot of weight on the knees. Indeed, even with sound knees, leg extensions can cause slow wear and tear in women more than 40.

Overhead Presses:

Statistically wounds to the shoulder and rotator cuff are substantially higher in individuals 40+, and overhead presses cause tremendous stress in these areas, so they are best avoided.


Again, unless your body has been adapted to sprinting your entire life, then taking up sprinting in your 40’s is unadvisable. Sprinting places a lot of weight on the hips, knees and lower leg joints, so try light strolling, swimming or cycling instead.