Women over 40 will probably notice nowadays that it becomes a lot easier to gain a few pounds than to lose them. The food that you used to eat without care at the age of 20 and 30 now attach to your body like glue, adding bulk to your midsection. When you eat and what you eat are your metabolic secret weapons for building muscle. The main offender that slows metabolism and often leads to dieting is what I call shrinking muscle syndrome.

“The Overnight Diet” is the proven plan for fast weight loss. At the beginning of the 30’s, many people start to lose about a half pound of the metabolism-revving tissue every year. At the age of 50, this rate doubles.

Metabolism Booster No. 1

Monitor protein

Each time you consume a protein-rich food your body goes to work, breaking it down into smaller particles called amino acids. These amino acids will enter your bloodstream and be absorbed by the cells and muscle tissues. Once the amino acids end up in your muscles, then your body starts putting them back together to build muscle. Keep in mind though that calories still count, particularly if you are looking to drop a few pounds.

Metabolism Booster No. 2

Aim for 20-30 g of protein at each meal

Over the course of the day, there is a natural balance between muscle building and muscle breakdown. By taking more supplements at regular intervals all the day, you will avoid sinking into breakdown mode for too long. It is very important to eat protein at breakfast. Muscle breakdown occurs at night for the longest period, when you are not eating for hours and sleeping. If you are not having a proper breakfast, and starting your day with a protein-light meal like toast, a bagel, or cereal, then you are missing out on switching that muscle-building switch back on.

Metabolism Booster No. 3

Vary your protein sources

As we all know, meat packs a lot of protein in one shot, but if you are getting your protein only from animal sources then it could actually speed muscle loss.  Meats, as well as grains like corn and wheat, are the foods that produce acid. When you choose animal protein, avoid high-fat sources such as bacon, ground beef, whole milk, or full-fat cheese.  Then supplement your protein intake by including other sources of protein, like nuts and beans.


Metabolism Booster No. 4

Challenge your muscles

You can easily maintain muscle mass if you eat enough protein and stay active. However, you will need to strength-train, which is key to building new muscle, which in turn will increase your metabolism. The good news is that for women over 40, you will experience muscle gain within 10 weeks with just 2 days of strength training per week.

While building and maintaining lean muscle mass is the best way to keep metabolism revved up, experts say that staying hydrated may also increase calorie burn, especially if your drink is cold.