Good nourishment is a basic need for a fit body, yet many of us adopt crash-dieting techniques like eating vary few carbs in order to lose weight fast. We are all vulnerable to the draw of a handy solution or thinking there is a magic elixir for dropping weight fast.  However, these methods in the long run hinder the permanent weight reduction goals that most of women want to achieve. Dieting missteps abound, particularly when you are 40 years old or more.  If permanent weight loss is what you truly desire, here are the mistakes you need to avoid to achieve that goal.

1 – Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is seen as the most imperative meal of the day. When you dash off to work having only grabbed a glass of juice as you rush out the door, you should reconsider.  Fueling your body consistently throughout the day is the key keeping your metabolism burning fat, while starving encourages fat storage.  It all starts with a good breakfast!

2 – Completely Avoiding Fat

‘Low-fat’ or ‘no fat’ diets do not promote weight and fat loss.  In Fact, they make us anxious, as the body does not feel satisfied.  Fat from sources like olive oil, nuts, and avocado satisfies hunger, and will actually help you in your efforts to lose weight permanently.

3 – Avoiding Fruits

Saying “no” to that apple or banana can be a mistake, especially if they are organic.  Potassium, found in high amounts in most products of the soil, serves to actually de-bloat the body.  Additionally, the sugar found in all-organic products acts differently in the body than do simple refined sugars.  Bananas, thought by many to be ‘high in sugar’, are high in potassium and unquestionably contribute to de-bloating and a calm stomach.

4 – Cutting out all snacks can enable you to get more fit

Snaking isn’t the issue when attempting to shed pounds.  It’s the kind of snacks you chose.  Many of us need a snack between meals to keep up our energy level, particularly when we have a physically demanding job.  Picking natural products or nuts rather than chips, chocolates and other snacks that are high in calories, salt and fat, is the way to go.

5 – Not Eating Enough Protein

Getting enough protein is critical to being satiated and getting fit.  Protein promotes weight reduction in a few ways.  It can lessen hunger, reduce your overall calorie consumption, raise your metabolic rate and ensure bulk.  In a 12 day study, individuals following an eating regimen of 30% of their calories from protein wound up eating 575 fewer calories a day than when 15% of their calories were from protein.

6 – Not Eating Enough Fiber

A low-fiber eating routine might be detrimental to weight reduction endeavors.  A newly discovered sort of solvent fiber known as gooey fiber has been found to lessen cravings by forming a gel in your stomach that holds water. This gel moves gradually through your digestive tract, making you feel full, so that you eat less.  Fiber and roughage of all kinds have been found to aid in weight reduction, and should be part of any healthy diet.

7 – Not Exercising or Exercising Too Much

We all know how important it is to exercise in order to build up or maintain muscle mass, which in turn means we burn more fat throughout the day.  But overdoing it can be a problem.  Studies have shown that excessive cardio work for example can actually promote fat storage!  More is not always better!!