40 is the new to 20, but your body probably doesn’t look or feel like it did in your 20s!  At the age of 40 and over, women’s bodies go through many changes and challenges.  And the older you get, the more challenges you will face.  Despite fitness regimes (exercise and being careful with your diet), you will find that your waistline is expanding and you have no idea what to do. Well, there is no magic formula to overcome this problem, but certainly we can say that there is a hope.

The metabolism of a woman at the age of 30 begins to slow down. When she turns 40, she needs 6 percent fewer calories than she was getting before. Most women think that they losing their beauty, as their bodies, particularly after pregnancy, can change dramatically if they continue to be as carelessness with their diet as they used to get away with when they were younger.  Well, it’s not too late; you can still be fit after 40 and feel good about yourself again!

Get rid of the Treadmill

If you are performing long sessions on a treadmill or other cardio machine, then stop doing that! Now that you are over 40, there is no need for a treadmill, so get rid of the machine and reclaim some space in your house! The reason we are suggesting you get rid it is that replacing the cardio sessions with short high-intensity interval training sessions will be much more effective for you if you are trying to lose fat.  Instead of the long, boring cardio, do some simple body weight exercises such as jumping jacks, squat jumps, and stationary sprints.  Just 20 minutes of these type of exercises, which are done for 20 seconds at a time, with a minute of rest in between, will burn fat off of you like magic!

The Squat Jump

  • Start with jumps for 20 seconds without taking rest.
  • Then rest for one minute.
  • Try repeating this cycle for 5 minutes.

TOP 3 Nutritional Tips

  1. Eat about 5 to 6 small meals daily. This ensures that you won’t get too hungry and overeat. Your body will also realize that there is a steady supply of food coming in, so it will not think it has to store fat for leaner times.
  2. Add protein with every meal. This will help to control your appetite and control blood sugar.
  3. Eat more fibrous carbs and lower your intake of starchy carbs. Eat as much vegetables as you like!

Strength Training

This training can be done anywhere with your own body weight, but in case you don’t know where to start, my advice would be to get a trainer. Here is a list of benefits that you will get from strength training:

  • You’ll burn fat more than by doing cardio
  • You will see dramatic changes the shape of your body
  • You will reduce the risk of injury and improve joint stability
  • You will boost your metabolism by building more muscle