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Author: Mary

Best Workouts For People Over 40

As we get older, we start to lose minerals, vitamins and our health deteriorates. Our bones become weaker, smaller and more prone to serious injuries. We start to lose strength. Our skin begins to lose its natural elasticity. We can choose to fight back though! Those of you who have been working out daily over the long-term are on the right track. However, if you have not worked out for quite some time, there are a few factors you should keep in your mind. Best Workout Anyone over the age of 40 will experience a decrease in muscle size,...

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Diet Tips To Stay Fit After 40

As you age, it will be harder to lose weight. You will find that you can’t eat like you did at age 20 or 30.  Being overweight and over 40 age can increase the risk of developing chronic diseases. A diet plan should be followed by a anyone over 40 years old, designed to include the right number of calories for you, as well as a healthy balance of nutrients. Here are some diet plan tips that everyone over 40 should follow. Food Choices and Nutrients Diet plans for men and women older than 40 should focus on proteins...

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Fitness Secrets For Women Over 40

40 is the new to 20, but your body probably doesn’t look or feel like it did in your 20s!  At the age of 40 and over, women’s bodies go through many changes and challenges.  And the older you get, the more challenges you will face.  Despite fitness regimes (exercise and being careful with your diet), you will find that your waistline is expanding and you have no idea what to do. Well, there is no magic formula to overcome this problem, but certainly we can say that there is a hope. The metabolism of a woman at the...

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How To Get And Stay Active At Any Age

Staying active is often not quite as straightforward as it sounds. Between the ages of 30 and 40 wear and tear begins to take a toll on the body, bone mass begins to decrease and muscle fibers shorten and weaken. Regular exercise will help to prevent serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes, and it can help you maintain overall physical health and well-being.  Here are few tips for helping your body to stay young and active. Time’s Natural Impact Our bodies lose more bone density and muscle with each passing decade. Most people in good health...

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Top Tips to Stay Young

Every human being desires to stay young and beautiful. Much research has been done by the health and beauty industries to that end. Scientists have offered some tips that we should adapt to stay attractive and younger-looking longer. Let’s take a look at their findings. Don’t Overeat There are people who have a habit of eating three big meals per day, but when you want to lose weight, it will be better for you to follow a different approach. Try eating smaller portions, more often than only three times a day; by doing this you will boost your metabolism...

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